University Hill Congregation

University Hill CongregationUnited Church of Canada
Suite 321 – 6015 Walter Gage Road
Vancouver, British Columbia V6T 1Z1

Rev. Aaron Miller, Lead Pastor
Jennifer Griffin, Arts Ministry Leader

University Hill CongregationWe are an all-ages Christian community of hospitality, a diverse church that travels light, a pilgrim people following Jesus in the world. We have been gathering at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, BC since 1928. We belong to the United Church of Canada. We do not own a church building. We worship in the Chapel of the Epiphany at the Vancouver School of Theology. During the week we gather in homes and offices, in restaurants and coffee shops for conversations, meals, study and work.


  • Liturgia – Worshiping God
  • Koinonia – Christian community
  • Diakonia – Serving Jesus
  • Didache – Training in the Way of Christ
  • Kerygma – Proclaiming the Good News

Our elders have adopted this statement of our identity and vision:
“Rediscovering the Way of Christ for the sake of the world.”

Arts Program
Each year we publish “Salt of the Earth – A Christian Seasons Calendar” ( This unique calendar opens with the season of Advent and turns not with the twelve months but with the rhythm of the Christian seasons: Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Holy Week, Easter and the Season after Pentecost.

The Christian Seasons Calendar includes: contemporary art from artists depicting the gospel story; scripture readings for Sundays & special days from the common lectionary; descriptions of the Christian seasons & suggestions for ways to celebrate them and liturgical colours for each season.

In recent years most of the images in the Christian Seasons Calendar have been the work of CIVA members. Each year a Call for Submissions results in a wide variety of submissions from artists in Canada, the USA and the United Kingdom. This growing partnership between the congregation and artists is helping to grow this missional venture in helping the wider church to live within the gospel story.

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