Sans MOCO Gallery & Atelier

Sans MOCO Gallery & Ateliersansmocoextrasm (1)
172 Main Street 2nd Floor
Greenville, PA 16125
United States
(724) 456-5555
To build relationships through a common passion of the arts creating photo_6an opportunity to share the Gospel.

To share our God-given talents for the benefit of inspiring and enhancing our community.
To provide exceptional and innovative courses and exhibitions, accessible to all those who are interested.
Art: Practice, History, Theory and Criticism

Gallery: 6 week exhibitions
Atelier: Courses are offered during a 3 semester/year period.
Painting, Drawing, Photography, Graphic Design, Wood Block Printing, Screen Printing, Etching, Pottery and Art History. All classes photo5smare inter-generational, however special classes are offered geared towards kids.