The 930 Art Center

The 930 Art Center930 Mary Street
Louisville, KY 40204

Michael Winters, Director
Julie Gross, Assistant Director

The 930 Art Center exists to encourage meaningful and beautiful art, music, and community.

History and Vision
The 930 is owned and operated by Sojourn Community Church.  When Sojourn purchased the old Isaac Shelby Elementary School in 2006, we didn’t want our building to go unused every day of the week except Sunday, and because of our high concentration of artists and musicians, creating an art and music venue in our building was a natural way for us to extend our resources and gifts as a blessing to our city.  It is our hope that the 930 Art Center can provide a space where people can come together from various backgrounds and worldviews to find common ground, community, and gain a vision for a more beautiful world.

The 930 Art Center - gallery The 930 Art Center - gallery