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Marleen Hengelaar-Rookmaaker,
Laurel Gasque,
Associate Editor

ArtWay is a web-based service for congregations and individual believers to help them better understand the role of the visual arts in deepening faith, enhancing worship, understanding the present world, and communicating truth and hope across cultures. ArtWay offers a key to the world of art that is rich and fascinating yet sometimes hard to enter. The goal is to open Christians’ eyes to the beauty and meaning of art so that they can enjoy and value the vast treasury of art both past and present and become discriminating viewers. ArtWay thus encourages a thoughtful engagement with art and culture rather than an uninformed rejection or uncritical embrace.

ArtWayIn recent years the number of Christian artists who produce good work has grown substantially, and so has the number of insightful books and essays about art written by believers. The impact of all this seems to be limited to a rather small though growing group of the initiated. ArtWay intends to be a bridge between the artists and art historians on the one hand and the churches and their members on the other.

Although ArtWay showcases the best work it can find of believing artists around the world, it does not only deal with art created by Christians. It is committed to an open-minded and respectful examination of art, no matter what tradition that art comes from. A distinctive goal of ArtWay is to bring forward the work of lesser known artists, first of all from the European Union, but also from around the globe.

It is our dream that the Christian world may become familiar with the quality art that is increasingly available. It is our dream that these works may find their way into our homes, schools, churches and other cultural institutions. Moreover, we hope to stimulate the re-evaluation of the place of the image. The fact that we live in an image oriented culture and that we ourselves have therefore also become more visually oriented, makes this re-evaluation all the more urgent.

Offering Information and Resources
In addition to showcasing international artists of faith, ArtWay offers many other resources, including information about international arts organizations and study programs for artists, image-and-word Bible studies, travel tips, a weekly updated list of exhibitions and events, book reviews, news items, practical networking, and a host of other features. At its core is a weekly Sunday visual meditation on a notable work of art. ArtWay aims in particular to give suggestions and develop materials about how to use images in liturgy, small-group gatherings, church bulletins, and building design. ArtWay also facilitates the sale of works of art by its featured artists.