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As an international peacebuilding non-profit / NGO, CARAVAN is recognized as a global leader in using the arts to build sustainable peace around the world. Our peacebuilding work is based on the belief that the arts can serve as one of the most effective mediums to enhance understanding, bring about respect, enable sharing, and facilitate friendship between diverse peoples, cultures and faiths.


  • CARAVAN builds sustainable peace around the world by creating artistic “encounter points” that bring together those of divergent backgrounds and worldviews to stimulate discussion, dialogue and education, promoting further understanding, with a vision toward healing our world and creatively fostering peace and harmony in all its forms. CARAVAN develops, organizes, curates and consults on artistic peacebuilding initiatives: group exhibitions, festivals, artist talks, lectures, online exhibitions, concerts, artist exchanges, symposiums, forums and film screenings. CARAVAN’s artistic initiatives are held in a wide variety of venues, from traditional art settings like museums to heavily trafficked “sacred spaces” and renowned public spaces, with the goal of taking their peacebuilding message beyond the traditional “art circles” and maximizing viewership and participation from the widest possible demographic. 
  • CARAVAN artistically addresses the issues that contribute to conflict and disharmony in our world by promoting and inspiring the alternative – multicultural understanding, interreligious harmony, social justice, gender equality, poverty, environmental responsibility, ethnic diversity, inclusion, freedom of expression, etc. 
  • CARAVAN gives artists around the world a voice toward resolving today’s conflicts, viewing_abraham_exhibition_in_parisproviding a global platform for their creative expressions. As natural change agents, we believe that artists can lead the way by providing new pathways of understanding that transcend borders and how one sees the “other.” CARAVAN’s artistic initiatives have resulted in unprecedented gatherings of renowned and emerging artists from all over the world, coming together to use art for peacebuilding purposes on our global quest for a more harmonious future.

Other Information
Our beginning . . . CARAVAN’s international peacebuilding work originated out of artistic bridge-building initiatives in Cairo, Egypt in 2009 that focused on addressing the then growing chasm of discord and misunderstanding between the peoples, cultures and creeds of the Middle East and the West. The nomadic “caravan” theme comes out of the founding vision to encourage and facilitate those from diverse backgrounds and worldviews to “journey together through the arts.”