Convergence Church and Creative Community of Faith

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Alexandria, VA 22302

Convergence Church and Creative Community of FaithWe are a creative community made up of a diverse group of people who value creativity, spirituality, diversity, and exploration. Through association with local arts organizations, artists, counselors, and the Church at Convergence, we provide resources of space, community, professional and spiritual development.

We believe the artist’s imagination and rich interior life are of great value. We foster an environment where this is nurtured.We partner with people who are vibrant contributors to our community to provide holistic resources to foster healthy, imaginative, empowered people and artists. Our classes are geared towards professional artists and beginners. We are a resource to the person, the Creative. We provide the resource of space at accessible cost in a nurturing environment within which artists and arts organizations can build and grow.Convergence is a place to contribute and be heard within a larger community where process, insight and experiences are valued.

Convergence Church and Creative Community of FaithConvergence’s classes for creative development are an important part of our mission to support the soul of the artist. Here we provide foundations and tools to deepen and enhance the creative mind, as well as creative approaches to expand personal boundaries helping to achieve a more vibrant and successful life.

Convergence also provides studio space, performance space, a recording studio, and dance studio space.