Diocesan Fine Arts Council

Fine Arts Council of the Catholic Diocese of Austin4712 Evans Avenue
Austin, TX 78751


The mission of the Fine Arts Council is to act as a catalyst and lead a renaissance in visual religious fine art with a focus on the Judeo-Christian faith.


  • Fine Arts Council of the Catholic Diocese of AustinRaise awareness and appreciation of fine religious art.
  • Encourage the use of religious fine art in our churches, schools and homes.
  • Facilitate contact between professional artists, architects, contractors, church and school building committees.
  • Host religious fine art exhibitions, portfolio shows, architectural displays and educational seminars.
  • Enhance religious fine art educational opportunities through scholastic programs/curricula and internet links to related Web sites.
  • Improve quality of original sacred art in churches so that regional artists’ work would be reflected in the community’s worship spaces.

Fine Arts Council of the Catholic Diocese of AustinOur program focuses on the continuous 6-month long exhibits in the Religious Art Gallery at our diocese’s Pastoral Center as well as the directory of regional artists listed on our webpage. This directory helps with referrals and as a resource guide. Our webpage has archives of current and previous exhibits in the Religious Art Gallery. Artist commissions and sales through participation in the DFAC shows and directory is our main program at this time.