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Deborah Risa Mrantz
Founder, Executive Director

Logos Guildworks Ministries

Logos Guildworks MinistriesLOGOS GUILDWORKS MINISTRIES is an online Abrahamic Interfaith initiative and Arts Guild fusing faith-based Fellowships and Pastoral-care conversations in contemporary paradigms re-envisioning God’s inspired word. GUILDWORKS encourages all Abrahamic family to covenantally common ground, partnering the passion of the first Evangelists with new Chassidic Judaism’s joyful witness – living relevantly, generatively and authentically into modern Abrahamic faith.

Logos Guildworks Ministries works to enrich Abrahamic faith-communities and to deepen cross-faith partnerships through inter-religious dialogue in creative collaboration and ministry. GUILDWORKS commits to enabling artistic expression informed by life in the Spirit, while respectfully recognizing uniquely Jewish, Christian and Islamic religious roots inviting God’s contemporary voice for all who have hearts to hear in living, relevant walk and witness.

Logos Guildworks MinistriesHoly Hill Project: Multi-dimensional, cross-paneled digital-to-laminate aluminum artworks combining the Beatitudes in the Sermon on the Mount, and the Hebrew prophet Jeremiah’s words, ”I have loved you with an everlasting love, and I draw you to me with lovingkindness” (Jer. 31:3). Subway Sola Scriptura (S3): Monastic life meets the Metro. Large-scale project bringing Scripture to subways; premiere work of a five-part series depicting the Solas, essential theological tenets of Protestant Christianity. 1002 NightsSaints & Mystics, Imams and Ba’al Shems: Series of artworks exploring visual languages of sacrament, piety, and spiritual wisdom of selected figures in Abrahamic faiths. Also includes individual online exhibitions by Guild members and collaborative programs unique to the GUILDWORKS faith-arts community.

Pastoral Care and Chaplaincy ConversationsLogos Guildworks Ministries
GUILDWORKS Ministries develops new models for online, interactive pastoral care and chaplaincy conversations, working to shape lived-faith and devotional life through modern artistic media. Logos GUILDWORKS believes in elevating dialogue about witnessing God’s living word in how we manifest creativity in God’s kingdom, individually and communally seeking intimate, covenantal relationship to the Divine.

Cross-faith FellowshipsLogos Guildworks Ministries
GUILDWORKS Helen L. Burke Virtual artists-residencies program sponsors integrated and/or collaborative projects for emerging and established artists whose work is informed by faith, tradition, scripture, and the witness of the Spirit. As the hub of GUILDWORKS Ministries, Abrahamic participants working in their traditions and customs nourish communities of faith through the universal languages of faith and art, encouraging generative, new means and avenues of dialogue. Annual award of $1,000/(3) artists provides for artists to work collaboratively–offering pieces created through the Burke fellowship to various faith communities for devotion, arts-worship programs or as commissioned religious works.

Monroe and Barbara Schlactus Gimilus Chassidim Fellowship: Gimilus Chasidim (acts of mercy and loving kindness) fellowship offers annual $1,500 stipend specifically funding projects demonstrating a deep commitment to human and civil rights, spiritual Hospitality and religious inclusiveness. The Gimilus Chassidim Fellowship honors the cross-community bridge building work of Monroe and Barbara Schlactus, and particularly emphasizes their source faith of Judaism in its expansive embrace of the most fundamental tenets of Jesus’ life as contained and articulated in the Christian Gospels.

Lecture and Studio-Session Series: Design in Dialog
The lingua-franca of art as universal language allows us to invite conversation and exploration about what we live passionately, believe personally, and hold for our faith communities. Programs developed for Design in Dialogue are uniformly based in Logos GUILDWORKS Ministries’ primary language, design and typography in relation to scripture — language as living faith. Design in Dialogue provides avenues for generative, new engagement with churches and synagogues, mosques, monastic and ecumenical retreat centers, yeshivas and rabbinic schools, divinity schools and seminaries discussing and encouraging covenantally common, cohering values embodied in collaborative, creative religious endeavors.