Moody Media Lab

Moody Media Lab820 N LaSalle Blvd
Chicago, IL 60610

The Department of Communications exists to equip students to support and expand the ministry of the church through verbal communication skills, drama, publications, video, radio and other related media. The Department recognizes the value of communications in the church’s mission to evangelize and instruct.

Moody Media LabThe Communications major seeks to train students to use communication tools effectively to achieve and increase the work of the local and global church. Our goal is to train students to be versatile communicators, adept at the independent learning of new technology and at developing messages that clearly communicate, whether spoken, written, recorded, or designed.

Moody Media LabWelcome to the Moody Media Lab, a a fellowship of extraordinarily gifted message makers, signal shapers, content creators, and storytellers within the Communications program at the Moody Bible Institute.

The Media Lab develops and integrates creativity through both modern and classic communications tools: photography, videography, graphic design, fine art, speech, performance, recording arts, fiction and non-fiction writing.

What makes the Moody Media Lab unique is the opportunity for diverse students to develop theology, theory, technique, and technology in collaboration with one another, growing in ways that would be impossible independently, stretching what they thought themselves capable of, and even creating beyond what was possible before.