Santa Maria a Ferrano Art and Spirituality Retreat Center

PelagoFlorence 50060 
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The mission of Santa Maria a Ferrano is to restore, preserve and make available its historic buildings and surrounding grounds for events and formation in the areas of spirituality, art and intercultural encounter.  

We recognize a need for a place of simplicity and beauty, where persons can rediscover and dedicate themselves to essential matters: their spiritual roots, creative capacities and genuine relationships. In twelve years of operation, where people from different European countries and from around the world have come to Santa Maria, we have found that their core desires – across all cultural boundaries – are quite similar. 

Personal identity, authenticity, creativity and true encounter are qualities/values that more and more people seek. We encourage and foster these through retreat work, reflection, art courses, cultural events and opportunities for relationships across boundaries of world-views, cultural backgrounds, nations and age.

Courses in sculpture, painting, music, theatre, ceramics, bread baking, instrument building; artistic performances; art appreciation focused on Florentine Renaissance art; biblical retreats with themes around the beauty of God and of creation and more informal gatherings to celebrate seasons, feast days and friendships are the venues that we have to bring people together and cultivate connections and deepen mutual understanding.

Other Information
People have come to us, among others, from Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, Norway, Sweden… USA, Canada, Argentina, Japan, Korea, China, Kazakhstan, Russia and Georgia…santa

They have been persons deeply committed to Christian or other faiths and seekers of God outside the paths of  traditional religion. We have found that all have gifts to bring to each other in a place that welcome them all.