set apart

set apartPO Box 9064
Shawnee Mission, KS 66201-9064

Brent Morris
Executive Director | Artist | Founder

Kristin Morris
Managing Director | Artist | Founder

set apartGod will use our creativity
to build a community
that brings Life to the world.


To actively discover
and creatively carry out
God’s plans for us–
and to help others do the same.

set apart is a non-profit, creative arts ministry that believes God has set each of us apart for a specific purpose that is to be realized during our lifetime. We believe that these personal missions are not just to be used for individual benefit, but for the benefit of many. Our objective is to spread this same belief to others and to help them achieve their God-given mission in life.

Specifically, this ministry will help artists and creative individuals:

  • set apartseek an authentic, meaningful relationship with the Creator God and discover their true identity in Jesus Christ;
  • pursue and use their creative abilities; and
  • align their creative passions with opportunities to serve within the community.

As these individuals engage in a relationship with God, discover more about who they were created to be, and do what they were created to do, we will find ways that we can be set apart + together.