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Ned Bustard,
Creative Director

Square Halo BooksIn Christian art, the square halo identified a living person presumed to be a saint. Square Halo Books is devoted to publishing works that present contextually sensitive biblical studies, and practical instruction consistent with the Doctrines of the Reformation. The goal of Square Halo Books is to provide materials useful for encouraging and equipping the saints.

Square Halo began with the intent of publishing primarily theological works. Yet from the beginning, art has been a central part of our books. Then with the release of the acclaimed book It Was Good: Making Art to the Glory of God, our calling unfolded to include books not only featuring fine art but also books about fine art. All along the way artists from the CIVA community have played a major role in the projects developed by our publishing company and as we look toward future projects, it is our hope that those relationships deepen and expand.

A sampling of the art books we have published featuring CIVA artists appears on this page. For a full listing, please visit our website.