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The Studio for Art, Faith & History is a public extension of Gordon College’s arts-oriented semester program in Orvieto (Italy). Using its facilities in Orvieto, the Studio hosts seminars and study tours, exhibitions and performances, and supports new work in the visual and performing arts. The Studio is especially interested in projects that bring together artists, patrons, advisors and communities served by the work of art.

The Studio for Art, Faith & History promotes activities that re-connect the three terms of its name:

  1. Re-connecting Faith with History, by creatively adapting the practices and disciplines of the historic church to the 21st century faith and community life;
  2. Re-connecting Art with Faith, by exploring the roles of arts in catechesis, theological reflection and spiritual formation as well as in liturgy and private devotion;
  3. Re-connecting Art with History, by engaging contemporary artists not only with the themes and narratives of historic Christian tradition but with the media and modes of production used to create the rich heritage of sacred art and drama particularly in Italy.

The Studio for Art, Faith & History often collaborates with other organizations such as CIVA, the Compagnia de’ Colombari, the Institute for Christian Studies, the Society for Classical Learning, the Jerusalem & Athens Forum, and Spiritual Retreats in Italy to commission and create new works in theater, music and the visual arts, and to offer seminars and study tours designed for high schoolers, undergraduate and graduate students, adult learners.

Other Information
On its website the Studio publishes essays that address the new timeliness of elements of premodern Christian culture for postmodern society.