The Apparent Project

4623 Denton Ln. SE aplogotext2
Lacey, WA 98503

Corrigan Clay, Director

The Apparent Project is an artisans’ guild in Port Au Prince Haiti providing training and employment in the arts for parents who are at risk of giving their children up to orphanages or street life because of extreme poverty.

To bring an end to poverty-based relinquishment of children in Haiti and to provide advocacy and help to address the other causes of orphan-hood.

Using local and up-cycled materials our artisans create jewelry, household goods, clothing, fine art, and accessories for the international market. Currently our artisans include metal sculptors, jewelry makers, paper makers, bookbinders, seamstresses, and ceramicists.
We are always looking to expand into new artistic ventures and love hosting small teams for intensive trainings. If you are an artist who would like to pass on your knowledge and gifting to the poor, please contact us about coming to empower others in a vocation in the arts!