Founded in 1979, CIVA | Christians in the Visual Arts’ longstanding vision is to help artists, arts pastors, collectors, critics, designers, filmmakers, historians, and theologians explore the profound relationship between art and faith. Throughout its thirty-five year history, CIVA has published many books and resources exploring art and faith, including Seeing the Unseen: A Church Gallery Handbook, Faith + Vision, The Next Generation, and Beauty Given by Grace. CIVA’s recurring publications include: SEEN Journal, the biennial Sourcebook; and the VIEWS series.

SEEN Journal
SEEN Journal is a premier journal addressing Serious Art and Serious Faith. It is founded on the conviction that Christians in the visual arts are called to creative work, devoted to the church and present in culture, and works to be a resource to help respond to that calling. SEEN Journal’s broad coverage of religious and cultural issues encompasses all forms of visual arts, ethics, education, science, and the church. Though concerned with the most important issues facing artists in our time, SEEN Journal is lively, readable, and entertaining. SEEN Journal is an ecumenical publication that appeals to Catholics, Protestants, and more.

CIVA Sourcebook
Listings and contact information for: Art Organizations; Art Programs offered by Educational Institutions; Art Galleries and Museums; Churches and Ministries supporting the arts. Listings and contact information for several hundred CIVA Members who are artists, educators, curators, collectors, patrons, students, and church leaders. Contains a juried exhibit with selected artist images. Dozens of resources for people who care about Serious Art and Serious Faith.

Gallery Handbook – Seeing the Unseen
If you are considering the launch of an art gallery in your church or seeking to further develop an existing one this handbook is for you. Launching or developing a church gallery can be a wonderful venture in the life of your congregation. Because all galleries require a body of practical skills—lighting, framing, artist contracts, openings, and so on—this volume provides the kind of hands-on knowledge that will be important to your success. But the pages of this handbook aim to accomplish more. In fact, there are as many kinds of church galleries as there are churches. Because of this, launching a gallery calls for something beyond well-executed “how-to” steps: it is an invitation to embark on an exciting and creative journey of faith! Before starting in on this journey, having clarity of purpose is essential. Why, for instance, should a church consider establishing a gallery? How might establishing an art gallery fit the church’s calling? Are there theological reasons for establishing a gallery?

CIVA | Views is a an occasional series of short-form works published by Christians in the Visual Arts. The first issue in this series features a homily by painter Joel C. Sheesley entitled “Space and Place in the Righteous Community” which he delivered during Sunday worship on the final morning of CIVA’s JUSTart Conference. Kevin Hamilton is the series editor.

Faith + Vision
Founded in 1979, Christians in the Visual Arts was born as a response to the absence of a tangible Christian community within the contemporary American art world. As it matured, CIVA grew to become a place of aesthetic stimulation and spiritual encouragement. This book contains historical and critical essays by Karen Mulder, Alva Steffler, and James Romaine, and introductory remarks by Howard Fox (LA County Museum) and Dr. Nicholas Wolterstorff (professor emeritus, Yale University).

The Next Generation
Featuring the works of forty-four North American artists in media ranging from painting and sculpture to photography and mixed-media collage, this unique volume illustrates the creative breadth of present-day art inspired by the Christian tradition.

Beauty Given by Grace: The Biblical Prints of Sadao Watanabe
This book, and the exhibition it was written for, bring to light the extraordinary visual legacy of a remarkable twentieth-century Japanese artist.