Gallery Handbook

Gallery Handbook – Seeing the UnseenSeeing the Unseen-Cover

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If you are either considering the launch of an art gallery in your church or seeking to further develop an existing one this handbook is for you. Launching or developing a church gallery can be a wonderful venture in the life of your congregation. Because all galleries require a body of practical skills—lighting, framing, artist contracts, openings, and so on—this volume provides the kind of hands-on knowledge that will be important to your success. But the pages of this Handbook aim do accomplish some more. In fact, there are as many kinds of church galleries as there are churches. Because of this, launching a gallery calls for something beyond well-executed “how-to” steps: it is an invitation to embark on an exciting and creative journey of faith!

Before starting in on this journey, however, having clarity of purpose is essential. Why, for instance, should a church consider establishing a gallery? How might establishing an art gallery fit the church’s calling? Are there theological reasons for establishing a gallery? To address these questions we begin with the book of beginnings, Genesis.

With dozens of photographs and practical tutorials, this book will equip any church community to appreciate the role of visual arts in the worship environment.