SEEN Journal (X.2) – Making It

SEEN Journal X.2 Making ItThis issue of SEEN Journal considers the business of “making it” in the art world. “The prevailing goal of most professionals in the visual arts is to ‘make it’–that is, to make a career, a profession, a life and to make paintings, essays, collections, exhibits, and installations. In response to this overarching goal, the contributors to this issue of SEEN are of one voice: ‘making it’ requires deliberate and sustained effort.”

Featured Articles:

  • Jacob at Peniel, Wrestlemania – Cameron Anderson
  • How I Survived in the Big City and Discovered what Graduate School Never Taught me about Grants and Fellowships – Chris Anderson
  • The Spiritual Formation of Artists – W. David O. Taylor
  • Mentors, Spouses, and Art Buddies – Barry Krammes
  • An Interview with Harvey Fellows Luke Aleckson, Lia Chavez, Samuel Kho, Gregory King, Joyce Lee, Jennifer Mills, and Astri Swendsrud
  • The Embodied Visual Word, The Arts at Seminaries – Kathy T. Hettinga
  • Painting: A Task for a Lifetime – Joel Sheesley
  • Gallery Roundtable – Scott Canty, Jerry Eisley, Judy Larson, Michael Winters
  • D.I.Y. – Jay Henderson
  • From Painting’s Edge to Barcelona: Residency Programs for Artists – Alison Oh
  • Starting a Reading Group that Feeds the Soul – Charles Tallieferro
  • In Review – Eleven students at Asbury University Review Books Intended to help Artists build a Successful Career
  • Arts|Liturgy Programs and Theological Study, A Listing