SEEN Journal (XII.1) – Face to Face

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This issue of SEEN Journal, Face to Face, is an exploration of the visual representation of the face, the portrait.

Table of Contents

Translucent Eyes
By Cameron Anderson

Catherine Prescott: Behind the Face
By Crystal Downing

The Face of God
By Garwood P. Anderson

Pro Bono: Barry Sherbeck Talks about Flashes of Hope
By Chris Vander Ark

The School of Rembrandt
By Theodore Prescott

The Veil Series
By Ruth Naomi Floyd

Right in Front of You: The Experimental Photography of Albert Pedulla
By Dayton Castleman

Vladimir Grygorenko: Icon Writer
By Lawan Glasscock

The Angel with the Golden Crown
By John A. Kohan

Approaching Contemporary Portraiture: A Conversation
By David JP Hooker with Greg Halverson Schreck and Jeremy Botts

Saving Face: A Meditation on the Fate of the Portrait
By Bruce Herman with James Elkins and Bernard Rhie

The Ghost in the Shell
Reviewed by Catherine Prescott

Self and Salvation
Reviewed by Taylor Worley