SEEN Journal (XIII.2) – False Rivals

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This issue of the SEEN Journal finds its focus in a discussion of the relationship between art, artists, and the church with a particular interest in overcoming the perceived animosity between these two communities.

Read an excerpt of the introduction by Taylor Worley or the CIVA blog.

Primary contributors to this issue of the journal include:

Art and the Church: False Rivals
by Taylor Worley

The Daily Cross (Cover Image)
by Gerda Liebmann

God’s Truth is Life: From My Bright Abyss 
by Christian Wiman

Two Reasons the Church needs Artists
by Tim Keller

Sacred Threads
by Netta Ewing

Santos of the Southwest: True American Icons
by John A. Kohan

Visual Art in the Church: A Conversation
by Jonathan A. Anderson, Robert S. Covolo, and Jason Leith

False Rivals in Community: Searching for the Body Creative
by Billy Mark

A Prayer for Artists
by Josh Williams

The Elm City Artists’s Circle
by Tina Colon Williams

Pursuing the Good, the True and the Beautiful
by Kim Thomas

A Meditation
by Enuma Okoro

In Review
by Allison Luce, Joy Moore, and Mark Sprinkle

Of Beauty and Suicide Bombs
by Matthew Milliner

Space to Breathe: An Open Letter to Artists
by Daniel A. Siedell

Publisher: Cameron J. Anderson
Designer: Ned Bustard
Guest Editor: Taylor Worley
Editorial Assistants: Cynthia Anderson and Trey Weise