SEEN Journal (XIV:2) – Come to the Table

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This issue of SEEN Journal, published on the occasion of CIVA’s 35th Anniversary, explores the meaning of hospitality, table gathering, breaking bread, and living life in community with God and neighbor. It also includes an eight-page foldout section with a graphic timeline mapping CIVA’s development and celebrating 35 artists wo have shaped CIVA’s ethos and vision since its founding in 1979.



Art, Hospitality, and Becoming Human
Cameron Anderson

Holy Tables, Meals, and Meetings
Cameron Anderson

The Holy Communion
George Herbert

Come to the Table: Hospitality in Luke’s Gospel
Walter Hanson

Art as Hospitality
Harrell Fletcher and Leah Samuelson

The Hospitality of Abraham
Scott Huelin

From Hostility to Hospitality: Felix Gonzalez-Torres’ Curtains
Taylor Worley

Hospitality and the Drama of New Creation
Wes Vander Lugt

Hunger Draws Us
Robert Hanlon

Bibliography on Hospitality
Compiled by Zachary Clemmons and Taylor Worley

In Memory of Pat Jones
Cameron Anderson