SEEN Journal (XV.2) – The Sustainable Life

SEEN Journal (XV.2) - The Sustainable Life

This issue of SEEN Journal considers whether a misplaced pursuit of balance might be better replaced by the pursuit of sustainable, relational rhythm, and features contributions from more than a dozen past participants in CIVA’s Doing Good Well program.

The Balance Myth
Shannon Sigler

Doing Good Well
Laura Cootsona

Balancing Acts
Marianne Lettieri

The Journey Within
Alison Krivickas And Kimberly Miller

A Journey Toward Good
A. Yanina Gomez

Brokenness and Breathing In The Im/Balance
Paige M. Medlock Johnson

Doing As Knowing
Julie Hamilton

Sabbath And Self

Making Art In Community
Sarah Jane


In Review

Special thanks to the editorial team for this issue of SEEN:

Laura Cootsona
Kim Garza
Marianne Lettieri
Kimberly Miller
Linda Stratford