SEEN Journal (XVI:2) – Collect

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seen-xvi-2-coverSEEN Journal XVI: 2 goes behind the scenes of several renowned—and some lesser known—private and institutional art collections to discover how they evolved and what motivates the collectors. As it turns out, collecting is not just for an elite few, but rather a healthy practice that enriches our whole community. In the essays included, terms like stewardship, caretaking, conservation, community, and story appear again and again. As the history and curation of each collection is explained, the warm affection for the treasures described radiates from the page.


The Company of Friends
Cameron Anderson
Collecting as Calling
Sandra Bowden
To Have and (Be)hold
Bobby Gross
Telling the Story
Steve Pattie
The Bob Jones University Collection
Edward Knippers
An Interview with Monsignor Timothy Verdon
Cameron Anderson
Academies Collect
John Kohan
Center Art Gallery
Eva Ting
Westminster Gallery
Robert Brusic
In Situ
John Skillen
A Guide for Beginners
Sandra Bowden and Edward Knippers


Jonathan A. Anderson and William A. Dyrness, Modern Art and the Life of A Culture
Bob Covolo
Makoto Fujimura, Silence and Beauty: Hidden Faith Born of Suffering
Kathryn Bradford Heidelberger