SEEN Journal (XVII): Practice

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SEEN Journal - PracticeSEEN Journal XVII explores the power of well-chosen practices and their capacity not only to increase our effectiveness in the studio, but also to contribute meaningfully to our spiritual, emotional, and mental wellbeing.

The themes woven throughout this issue are several: the importance of cultivating practices that will serve subsequent generations; the necessity of attending to the right things, especially as means to engage life-giving spiritual disciplines; the effort required to combat the kind of inertia, pride, and busyness that threatens dis-ease; and the daily struggle (and subsequent reward)required to prioritize, carve out, make time to practice the things that matter most. As you work your way through this issue, we trust that the images, stories, exhortations, and ideas you encounter will enhance your practices, not for the sake of perfection, but rather for the edification of the life of art and faith that, in some way, we all share.


Practice, Practice
Cameron Anderson
On the Overlap of Ignatian and Artistic Practice
Kenneth Steinbach
On Drawing
Albert Pedulla
On Pottery
Mark Terry
On Practicing Art
Dayton Castleman
On Scholarship
Matthew Ballou
On Prayer
Tanja Butler
On Hospitality
Marcia Vermaire Bosscher
On Photography
Michael Winters
On Reading
Robert Trube
On Installation and Sabbath
Leslie Iwai
On Lament
Steve Classen
On Serious Play
David Kasparek
On Service
Karen Sangren
On Icon Making
Keri Wiederspahn
On Weaving
Sara Nordling
Tania Runyan


Philip Salim Francis, When Art Disrupts Religion: Aesthetic Experience and the Evangelical Mind
Mark Longhurst