Episode 15 – Edward Knippers – Art and the Incarnation

Ed Knippers painting small worksIn this Christmas edition of the Art and the Church podcast, Brian Moss interviews painter and CIVA co-founder, Ed Knippers. When Image Journal named him as their artist of the month in January of 2001, they had this to say about him:

“Knippers’s vision is profoundly incarnational, restoring the human body to its central place as the locus of the divine/human encounter. His work has occasioned controversy—it’s been banned and even mutilated. We find this ironic, because no one is more orthodox in his theology than Ed Knippers. But even in the midst of controversy, he remains gracious and ready for dialogue.”

To find out more about the artist, please visit his website at edwardknippers.com. To read his artist statement, The Resurrection of the Body, go to https://edwardknippers.com/about/artist-statement.