Episode 18 – Roger Feldman – Art, Violence, and Hospitality

Roger Feldman, ThresholdIn this podcast, Brian Moss interviews Roger Feldman. Roger is an installation artist and also works as a professor at Seattle Pacific University where he co-chairs the art department. Roger discusses his work, and reflects on the shooting that took place at Seattle Pacific University on June 5, 2014.

Earlier this year, Roger completed a piece called Tenacious Convergence as part of a conference with N.T. Wright at Fuller Theological Seminary. See a documentary on the piece here, and see a time lapse of the piece being constructed here.


Bonus Podcast! Below is also an interview with Steven Purcell, Executive Director of Laity Lodge in Texas. Steven discusses how Laity Lodge, the patron of the project, worked with Roger to create the Threshold installation.


Nathan Clarke made a wonderful film about Threshold. To see Nathan’s film, go to https://fourthlinefilms.com/the-makers/ and click on the film entitled Syncopated.

Also, read Jeffrey Overstreet’s blog post about Threshold and Laity Lodge.