SEEN Journal – House and Home

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In this edition of SEEN Journal we focus on places of house and home. Home is something we all desire, something we all remember, or something we all long for and continually try to make in the here and now. Home is something we try to foster for our artists here at CIVA—a place of hospitality, encouragement, challenge, and opportunity.

Inside, we are invited to consider our holy vocation as homemakers, digging into our places with affection and love. We are led to the ways that the landscape and house center us in our practical lived experience. We see how art creates a common space for communion to occur. We are invited to imagine how the house itself can be a symbol of identity and memory, but also dislocation and terror. We are reminded that home in the twenty-first century can be difficult to find as we consider the realities of immigration and displacement. We are also asked to consider how the church functions as home, centering our belonging as Christian community while also sending us out into the world as participants in Christ’s work of redemption.


Introduction – Jennifer Craft
WareHOUSE Interview – Jennifer Craft
Power of Space – Christopher Miller
Sanctuary – Rev. Janet Campbell
Rebuilding Hospitality – Stone by Stone – Rev. Thomas Muller
If These Walls Could Talk… – Ginger Geyer and Jennifer Cumberbatch
Household Mundane – Kari Dunham
My Home Is My Castle – Chris Anderson
Writing the Urban Grid – Matt Whitney
Displaced: Stories from the Syrian Diaspora – Sara Kerens
Immigrant’s Perspective – Maria Amalia Wood
Early Christian House Churches – Lawan Glasscock
Poetry – Marilyn McEntyre