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In this edition of SEEN Journal we focus on the complexity of sight. Artists and poets, as well as priests and theologians address what it looks like to see and be seen. The issue investigates what it looks like to see realities that exist beyond our vision as we also ponder what it means to live in an age where we are perpetually seen. This volume of SEEN reminds us that seeing is a daily practice that requires constant conditioning.

The discipline of seeing is explored through eyes open to art knitted together with a community, eyes seeing into heaven through painted icons, eyes opened through hymns, and eyes opened through conversations with other artists.  The art in the issue is by makers from around the world, with work by both long-time members or CIVA and brand new friends.  Finally, this issue points us back to Scripture, encouraging us to look around us and see God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—while also looking ahead to the glorious day when every eye and every tribe of the earth will see Christ.


Justin Sorensen – Ways of Seeing
Tim Lowly – Regarding, Seeing
Christen Mattix – Connections Made Visible
Paul Buckley – Hymn Reflection (art by Matt Clark)
Fr. Gregory Jensen – Seeing God
Vladimir Grigorenko – Orthodox Icons
Michael Galovic – Aboriginal Perspectives 
Richard Osler – Poetry (art by Phil Irish)
Justin Sorensen, Elsa Muñoz – The Process of Looking: A Conversation
John Pachuta – Ecce Homo: Judged by Human Eyes
Gary Wolfe – I Spy with My Cyber Eye
Fiona Moes Pel – Seeing the Now
Marcia Allison – Transforming Vision 
Lyn Hiner – Seeing Beauty in Ashes

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