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Beauty. Truth. Goodness. This issue of SEEN contemplates the transcendent divine. Our diverse contributors look beyond the Webster’s Dictionary understanding of transcend and move deeper into what is meant in the anaphora of the liturgy of St. John Chrysostom when the priest states our reason for giving thanks to God. 
“It is proper and just to sing to You, to bless You, to praise You, to thank You, to worship You in every place of Your dominion. For You are God ineffable, inconceivable, invisible, incomprehensible, ever-existing, yet ever the same…”

God transcends all creatures. Not in a physically apart off-limits kind of way, but in a sort of between-across-present-and-beyond way of being–all at once. Our words always fall incredibly short of hte mystery of God because our language uses human modes of expression unable to express Him in His infinite simplicity. We cannot fully grasp what God is, but only what he is not, and how other beings stand in relation to Him. 

-Lawan Glasscock, CIVA Executive Director


Introduction – Lawan Glasscock
[Extra]Ordinary Transcendence – Leslie Bustard
Capturing Beauty – Monica Mazzolini
Shaker Chair – Luci Shaw
Wood & Nails – Anthony Santella
Mundane Rhythms – Daniel Buffenmeyer
Blind Vision – Teresia Bush
God in Everyday Beauty – Amanda Shepard
Revelation of Hope – Delro Rosco
Your Ways/My Ways– Vincent Hawley
Revealing and Concealing Transcendent Truths – Gary Ball
Little Steams: A Conversation – Margaret Bustard
Book Reviews –  K. Grace Crall
Designing Transcend– Laurie Culshaw and Jeffery Carl

Printed by CIVA, Executive Director: Lawan Glasscock, Designer: Ned Bustard, Editor: Teri Speicher

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